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Route Guide and information

 Unazuki St.   Kuronagi St.   Kanetsuri St.   Keyakidaira St. 

Unazuki Area

  • 宇奈月駅周辺マップ
  • 宇奈月駅


Sightseeing spot

  • 宇奈月ダム
    Unazuki DamCompleted in 2001, this is the newest dam in the Kurobe Gorge area. It is a multipurpose dam designed for flood control, electric power generation and other aims.
  • 宇奈月発電所
    Shin-Yanagawara Power PlantThis hydroelectric power station that resembles an ancient European castle is located on the shores of Lake Unazuki.
  • 新やまびこダム
    Shin-Yamabiko BridgeAfter leaving Unazuki Station the Torokko Electric Train first crosses a bright crimson steel bridge. The name (yamabiko) was earned by the fact that the sound of the train passing by echoes in the hot springs town.

Kuronagi Area

  • 黒薙駅周辺マップ
  • 黒薙駅


Sightseeing spot

  • 黒薙温泉
    Kuronagi Onsen"Kuronagi Hot Spring"
  • 宇奈月発電所
    Aqueduct Bridge
  • 宇奈月発電所
    Atobiki Bridge At a height of 60 meters and a length of 64 meters, this bridge spans the steepest and deepest valley along the rail line. The name is derived from the belief that previously mountain climbers would inch backwards away (atobiki) when they came face-to-face with such a seemingly bottomless valley.

Kanetsuri Area

  • 鐘釣駅周辺マップ
  • 鐘釣駅


Sightseeing spot

  • 黒薙温泉
    Kanetsuri Kawara (Riverside Open-Air Hot Springs)At this spot you can enjoy both the limpid waters of the Kurobe River and a secluded hot spring. The waters that gush out in the outdoor bathing area alongside the river are justly famed. (Kanetsuri Station→500 meters, around 15 min.) *After 4:00 p.m. use of this hot spring is limited to overnight guests.
  • Stone bath
  • Kurobe Mannen Yuki(Kurobe Perpetual Snow)

Keyakidaira Area

  • 欅平駅周辺マップ
  • 欅平駅


    Okukane BridgeTraveling from Keyakidaira Station in the direction of Babadani Onsen you will encounter this vermillion-lacquered bridge spanning the main course of the Kurobe River. The view enjoyed from this 34-meter-high bridge is simply breathtaking. (Keyakidaira Station→ around 5 min.)

Sightseeing spot

  • 黒薙温泉
    Riverside Viewing Platform,Foot Bath From this viewing platform, you can enjoy the marvelous sights of Mt. Okukane and Okukane Bridge. And if you want to get rid of travel fatigue, be sure to make a beeline for the foot bath.
  • Hitokui Iwa"People-eating Crag"This craggy face resembling an open mouth has a truly formidable presence. As its name (“People-eating Crag”) would suggest, it seems poised to devour passersby. (Keyakidaira Station→ around 10 min.)
  • Sarutobikyo Observation PlatformWhen autumn arrives, this hot spring hidden away in the great outdoors is surrounded by the pageantry of leaves tinted in autumn colors. (Keyakidaira Station→3km, around 60 min.)