Tickets and Reservations


Same Day Ticket Sales

  • Tickets can be purchased at the Unazuki Station starting at 06:50 hrs.
  • Reservations are made by car number and assure you of a seat in the assigned car. As there are no seat numbers in the cars, seating is on a "first come, first served" basis.
    Please make sure you board the correct car as standees are not permitted.
  • Only one-way tickets can be purchased at Unazuki Station. Please book your return trip when you get off at the upper station.
    During Golden Week (first week of May), summer vacation, Autumn Colours period , be sure to book your return trip before you leave the upper station and set out to enjoy the Kurobe Gorge. Because of the crowds during those periods, people without a return booking are unlikely to find a seat available on the first train and might have a long wait until there is a train with a seat available.
    In addition, groups/families could get split up.

*As the number of tickets per train and coach is limited, all tickets are sold on "first come, first serve basis."

Small Group/Individual Advance Ticket Sales (less than 15 passengers)

(1) Reservations through a travel agency
  • Passengers may also purchase tickets from a travel agency such as JTB and Kinki Nippon Tourist Company.
  • Passengers can reserve a ticket until the noon of the day prior to departure.
  • The travel agency bookings have a pre-assigned time and seat both ways (The booking receipt needs to be exchanged for a ticket at Unazuki Station)
(2) Reservations by telephone or fax
  • Ticket reservations can be made by telephone or fax through our business centre. (TEL:81-765-62-1011 FAX:81-765-62-1724)
  • Reservations start three (3) months before and end five (5) days before departure date.
  • The travel agency bookings have a pre-assigned time and seat both ways (The booking receipt needs to be exchanged for a ticket at Unazuki Station)
  • Reservation from April to June begins on April 1st.
(3) Reservation by Internet
  • Reservation Site is available Japanese only.
  • Groups of less than 15 can make a booking starting three months in advance and up until 15:00 hrs the day prior to departure.
  • Reservations, including internet bookings, can be made starting April 1st.
  • Payment can be made by a bank transfer, if more than five days in advance. If the reservation is made less than six days before the departure date, payment is made at Unazuki Station (Window No.1) on the day of departure.
(4) Advance ticket sales at Unazuki Station
  • Advance tickets can be purchased at Unazuki Station until 17:30 hrs of the day before departure. After 15:40 hrs, advance ticket for the next day is only a one-way ticket. Please purchase the return ticket at the upper station.

Large Group Advance Ticket Sales(more than 15 passengers)

  • Reservations can be made starting January 10th up until fourteen days prior to departure. If space is available, reservations will be taken up until the day prior to departure.
  • Please send requests to business centre (TEL:81-765-62-1011 FAX:81-765-62-1724) or your travel agency directly.
The route that can reserve the ticket

Round trip Unazuki -- Keyakidaira
Unazuki -- Kanetsuri
One-way Unazuki to Keyakidaira
Unazuki to Kanetsuri
  • If a passenger wants to purchase a ticket in other combinations, the ticket has to be bought on day needed.


Cancellations and Changes can be made without penalty up to 11 days before departure.

Changes within 10 days of departure

  • Changes to the original reservation will be made without penalty, unless the number of tickets to be issued is less than 80% of the original number. If it falls below 80%, the charge will be 80% of the cost of the original booking.

The cancellations made within 10 days of departure

  • The cancellations made within 10 days of departure are subject cancellation penalty as follows:
2-10 days before departure date ten percent (10%) of the cost of the ticket.
1 day before departure date thirty percent (30%) of the cost of the ticket.


An individual may cancel a ticket at any time until it has been clipped or the departure time has passed.

Date of Cancellation Standard Ticket
Additional Second
Class Portion
Additional First
Class Portion
Two days prior 70¥ 50¥ 60¥
One day prior 270¥ 70¥ 110¥
Departure day 270¥ 70¥ 110¥


Group consisting of 25-49 people one free ticket
Group consisting of 50 people or above another free ticket for every additional twenty-five people
  • Upgrade charges will be collect on the free tickets.
  • All members travelling with the group - including supervisors, teachers, guides, etc - will be considered to belong to the group when calculating the number in the group.


Only available of round trips from Unazuki to Keyakidaira/Kanetsuri.


  15-49 people 50-99 people Over 100 people
May 1st - July 19th 10% discount 20% discount
Unazuki-Kanetsuri Adult 2,180¥ 1,940¥
Child 1,100¥ 980¥
Unazuki-Keyakidaira Adult 3,080¥ 2,740¥
Child 1,550¥ 1,380¥
November 11th - 30th 20% discount 30% discount
Unazuki-Kanetsuri Adult 1,940¥ 1,700¥
Child 980¥ 860¥
Unazuki-Keyakidaira Adult 2,740¥ 2,400¥
Child 1,380¥ 1,210¥


15-24 25 or more 15-24 25 or more
May 1st - July 19th 10% discount 20% discount 10% discount 40% discount
Unazuki-Kanetsuri 1,100¥ 980¥ 2,180¥ 1,460¥
Unazuki-Keyakidaira 1,550¥ 1,380¥ 3,080¥ 2,060¥
July 20th - 31st / September 1st - 30th - 10% discount - 20% discount
Unazuki-Kanetsuri - 1,100¥ - 1,940¥
Unazuki-Keyakidaira - 1,550¥ - 2,740¥
November 11th - 30th 20% discount 20% discount 40% discount
Unazuki-Kanetsuri 980¥ 1,940¥ 1,460¥
Unazuki-Keyakidaira 1,380¥ 2,740¥ 2,060¥

Individual passengers

November 11th - 30th 20% discount
Unazuki-Kanetsuri 1,940¥ 980¥
Unazuki-Keyakidaira 2,740¥ 1,380¥


Kurobe Gorge Railway Business Center

Kurobe Kyokokuguchi 11, Kurobe City, Toyama Prefecture, 938-0293
Tel:(81)765-62-1011 / Fax:(81)765-62-1724
Business hours: 09:10-16:00 hrs (April 1 - April 19) / 09:10-17:00 (April 20 - November 30)